ELIZABETH FALKOWSKI, Owner and Instructor:

Elizabeth began her study of Pilates through her classical ballet training and discovered its amazing benefits for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Elizabeth holds a BA in Dance Movement and Health Promotion from Mercyhurst University. Her studies in anatomy/physiology, nutrition, sports and health psychology, as well as body mechanics, have allowed her to meet the individual needs of her clients and bring a holistic approach to fitness. In 2002, Elizabeth received her Yoga certification from the Integral Yoga Institute in Melbourne, Australia and has found great joy in teaching and sharing the benefits of Yoga in private and group settings. Elizabeth received her classical Pilates certification through Power Pilates NYC under the inspiration of Susan Moran Perich and Bob Liekens.

With over 10 years of experience teaching Yoga, Pilates and Ballet to children and adults on the east end of Long Island, as well as NYC, Elizabeth opened Water Mill Pilates in 2007. She brings a varied background of professional dance, kinesiology, Hatha yoga, holistic/nutritional studies and Pilates training to her work.

By assessing each client’s individual needs and goals with her ìtrained eyeî, Elizabeth creates tailored workouts, enabling one to achieve maximum progress. Her group classes are energizing and fun, while keeping the focus on proper form and alignment to balance the body. Elizabeth’s dedication to a healthy, balanced life, along with her understanding of movement in the body, drives her passion for teaching.



Charlotte graduated from Connecticut College in 2014 with a BA in cellular and molecular Biology and a keen interest in the human body. While in college she started Pilates with a classical mat class and was instantly drawn to the benefits she experienced.

Over the past 4 years, Charlotte has become a devoted Pilates student that allowed her to achieve her own fitness goals of standing taller, staying injury free and getting stronger. Charlotte is a successful program graduate of one of the most rigorous and comprehensive classical Pilates teacher training programs at world-renowned Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates studio in New York City.

Charlotte became an instructor so that she may help others connect with their bodies and achieve their goals, whether it is strength, fitness or overall wellness through the classical Pilates method. With experience teaching in both NYC and the Hamptons, Charlotte brings energy and a fun challenge to her sessions.