In their own words…

“Ever since my back surgery I have suffered with back spasms.  I’ve been working with Elizabeth for two years now and haven’t had a single back spasm since.  My range of motion has increased and I feel more flexible and alive!”
–  Judy Faer, Artist

“I have tried many other trainers in the area, as well as NYC and no one compares to the level of instruction at Water Mill Pilates.  They really understand the body and have taught me to move with strength and flexibility, which is very important as a busy mother of two toddlers.”
–  Marie Luise, Model & Working Mom

“Pilates has enabled me to remain injury free on the tennis court for the past two years.  I have increased core strength and range of motion which gives me more speed and powerful shots.  I feel 10 years younger!”
–  John Graham, Instructor, Ross Tennis Academy

“I look forward to every session at Water Mill Pilates.  I’ve been active in fitness all my life – but no other form of training has given me such smoothness on the back of my thighs – which I haven’t had since my twenties!”
–  Leslie Fineo, Sales Executive

“Working out with Nathalie at Water Mill Pilates has totally transformed my body.  I am stronger, feel taller and can now work pain free.”
–  Dana Minuta, Private Chef

“Pilates has literally changed my life! Working with Elizabeth and Nathalie at Water Mill Pilates has enabled me to overcome a past injury. Pilates has toned and sculpted my body, keeps me limber, helps with my posture, lengthens my muscles and strengthens my core! I am standing taller and feel more graceful! Thank You Water Mill Pilates!”
–  Tami Maines, Equestrian